Monday, December 29, 2008

Advice from Ed Bernero

I just noticed the video up on the WGA homepage inerviewing Ed Bernero of CRIMINAL MINDS. Check it out.

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LazyWriterOnTheTV said...

Or if you're not in the States and can't access it from the AWG site, it's on Youtube.

Or maybe it's because Australian broadband sucks the big one.

Or my PC sucks the big one.

Or I'm hungover.

Either way.

dannytribe19 said...

What a great interview. I love the family lens as a means to accessing worlds far different than viewers' everyday lives.

Jason A said...

He had an excellent point on life experiences.

Sometimes, we have to step away from our computers and get out there.

Amanda said...

Jason -
That's actually the part that rubbed me the wrong way, haha. I get mad when people say I'm not experiencing life because I live in LA and work on the industry. I know this is what I want to do...why should I puruse another career? Do you want an aspiring writer operating on you? Also, your career is not - and should not be - your whole "life." I want to write about frienships and relationships and family and such. I have plenty of that to write about in my life now. But I guess writing for a procedural and writing for a light chracter drama are two different things.

Jason A said...


I hear what you're saying. We all have our unique life experiences.

Many of my former UCLA profs seem to think this is a young person's town (with discrimination against older writers) in regards to TV writing.

Maybe since it's so hard to break in/sell something, we all rationalize why it's not happening, yet.

Seeing Ed's last name, it's good to see there are Italian TV writers making it. You're next Pendelino.

The Feral Kid said...


I understand your frustrations when Ed said he prefers writers with real life experiences. But consider that he’s describing himself.

Have you ever met a writer that used to be an actor? They always say to take some sort of acting class – always. Writers with no acting background rarely give that advice.

Remember when he said he doesn’t want “eight people in a room who think the same way” – that’s what you risk if you hire the typical, direct to LA college graduate types.

Also, and I’m nitpicking your comment to Jason but … he didn't say to pursue another career. I think he was saying LA is a unique town obviously driven by the entertainment industry and it’s not like that anywhere else. Of course if you’ve never lived anywhere else in your adult life you wouldn’t truly know that .. and visiting your hometown for the holidays doesn’t count, um, unless you think being a tourist counts for living.

The most important things he said was to write everyday and if you are in fact talented you will find work eventually. So I wouldn’t worry if I were you.

One more thing – great blog.