Thursday, October 2, 2008

WB finalists have been notified.

"Nothing like coming home to a rejection letter," texted a friend tonight. He's talking about the WB Writers Workshop - and yup, I got one too. It's becoming an annual thing! Maybe next year I'll send myself flowers.

Congrats to all those who are finalists, as well as the top 5% who've been invited to a seminar. I'm not about to begrudge anyone his or her success. We're not competing. I mean, we kind of are. We're competing for fellowships and workshops and staff gigs and assistant gigs and the time and attention of Influential People. But our writing itself isn't really competing. It does no good to sit around and fill yourself with tequila and talk about how much you suck. It also does no good to theorize about how everybody else had better connections, or that you spec'd too unknown of a show, or that your resume isn't impressive enough. The only thing that will do any good is to keep writing. So this script didn't rise to the top of the pile. Focus on your next one. Write the script that'll get you there. Write the story only you can tell.

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? said...

Very good advice. No one should try to write the next anything. Write the first something. Be very true to yourself and you'll have an edge.

Erin said...

I haven't heard either way that means it's a no-go, right?

By the way, I love your blog and read it from my cube in Boston every day.

Jane said...

I got my "no thanks" letter too. Maybe we need to have a Warner Bros annual rejection party. With tequila. Lots of tequila, but no whining.

Dan Williams said...

Sorry about that, but you have a great attitude towards the outcome.

Do you have a copy of the script in WORD format? If you want, if you paste it into an email (not an attachment), I'll have a look. Novels are my specialty but I've got my masters in English lit and have read lots of tv scripts. I don't think I could hurt it any. Or not -- whatever!

Anyway, a good question to ask, I think, is: what am I leaning, what am I gaining by having to write another spec? What am I gaining that I would not have gained if I didn't go through this experience? (And we all do!!)

Angry Bear said...

No letter... I'm in NYC... I assume it comes Monday... but also I hate that not sure if they call the winners (they must have) or what...

Hollie Nell said...

I've gotten TONS of those letters and I keep them to remind me that one day I'll look at them fondly.

If you haven't gotten a letter, you may still be in the running. I got my call today. I couldn't believe it. I've written features but this is my first spec. And I didn't get into Austin or even the second round.

Does anyone know what to expect at the interviews? The nerves have already begun and it's a week away!