Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Please vote. I mean, unless you don't care.

I hatehatehate things that are cliche... but I can't help this one: VOTE. And if you're like me and move pretty much every year when your lease is up, you may have to re-register.

Go to to find local voter information for your area.

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Jane said...

Of course, we all know they really mean "Vote for Obama". Seriously, why don't they just say it?

Unknown said...

i think i am going to specifically take my laptop with me the next time i have to poop.

Angry Bear said...
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Angry Bear said...

I'm encouraging people not to vote... especially the ones that think man and the dinosaurs lived together.

Dave Ale said...

I was going to say what Jane said.

I'm Canadian, so my opinion is pretty much irrelevant... I'd vote for Obama, not so much because he's better than Mccain, but because Palin scares the bejesus out of me.