Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to meet people in Hollywood

Chris writes: I just moved to LA. How do I meet people?

First off, congrats on making the move! And if you don't know anybody out here, you have more balls than I do. Which...I'm okay with.

As for meeting people, the internet/blogosphere is a great place to start. Many of us aspirers have blogs, which you can start reading via my links on the right. I got to know my writing group through the internet, and they all turned out to be super cool.

There are also events you can attend through JHRTS (Junior Hollywood Radio Television society) where you can meet people. I've met lots of cool people at them. There's also the monthly TV Writers Networking Group mixer. Also try events at Paley, the Academy or the WGA, or Screenwriting Expo. Maybe you might consider UCLA Extension classes, too.

Lastly, getting an industry job should help you meet people. And if it's a big company, like an agency, you will instantly have dozens of contacts.

Remember that people in the industry are constantly networking. Even if you just meet people for a few minutes, it's not strange to ask them to have drinks or coffee. The worst they can say is no.

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