Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whatcha doing tonight?

Three promising events tonight:

TV Writers & Friends monthly networking night
Location: Cat & Fiddle - 6350 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood
8 pm

JHRTS Fall Membership Mixer
Location: One Sunset - 8730 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood
8 pm

Sublime Primetime: Emmy Nominee Writers Panel
Location: WGA Theater, 135 S Doheny Dr., LA
7:30 pm; tickets required.

I'm hoping to make the first two...though I really wish I were going to see MGMT at the Fonda.

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Dan Williams said...

Sounds great! They really are trying to make it easier to do the networking!

I'd be interested to hear if anybody volunteers to read your spec or if you bring the subject up yourself and how it goes.

Do you ever swap specs with another writer just to give each other honest feedback?

Anyway, it sounds like a good time.

Amanda said...

I wouldn't bring up the subject. Sure, say you're a writer. And if they say "send me your script," great...but you can't really expect it. You just have to focus on meeting people an cultivating relationships. Remember, they have their own aspirations and agendas too.

As for meeting other writers and swapping for feedback, sure. I give and receive notes from other wriers all the time. I'd be suspicious of anyone who doesn't.

Dan Williams said...

Thanks for the reply.

But I'm wondering if maybe you are being a bit shy in asking people in the business to read your specs.

Maybe you could say that if the person will read your spec, you'll spring for lunch! So you are doing something for them and it's not just you sort of imposing on them.

In Canada, I've seen playwrights at book festivals act very shy and never speak to persons looking at their plays on the table in front of them.

If you have a great spec, then you are doing the person a favor to suggest they read it.

Anyway, you are on the spot, so maybe you see it better than I do.