Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i cannot think of a clever title right now.

Thanks to Josh for this fuun New York Times article about BJ Novak, the awesome writer-performer on The Office.

In other news...going to the CAA Young Hollywood Party tomorrow night at Social. It's probably going to be a lot of schmoozy frat boys and model types - but I always figure that if you meet one cool person, it's worth it.

A commenter mentioned a while ago that she missed my TV reviews. Basically, I'm trying not to badmouth anything because A) I am still just a little aspirer, so who am I to say?, B) I don't want to piss people off and prevent them from hiring me (I know I don't have a lot of showrunners reading me, but it's a small town with plenty of future showrunners), and C) when you think about the intense process and competition of creating television, anything that actually gets on the air is a miracle. So I'm going to try to stick to raving - and my DVR is backed up, so I'll get to it shortly.

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? said...

Can't think of a title?

How about ...

"The Office's BJ Up-and-Coming"

I know. Benny Hill, I'm not.

aldentre said...

I hope you're Tivo-ing Gary Unmarried...


Unknown said...

The advantages of anonymity. I can say Heroes sucks, and get away with it.