Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Movie poster quiz

Here's what everybody at the agency was doing today instead of updating credits like we were supposed to:

Can you name the movies?

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Keith said...

That was tough. I only got eleven, and felt like an idiot for missing a couple.

Almost as good as the Invisibles quizzes: http://www.filmwise.com/invisibles/index.shtml

? said...


Charles Jurries said...

11? 26? I only got FOUR.

And I thought I was a pop culture junky. Maybe I have a life and don't realize it?

Greg M said...

That's diabolical. I managed 21 (not as good as Mr. Lehane), but pretty good.
It's a fascinating test of how iconic typography remains after X number of years.
Some of them are particularly clever (the last two letters of "From"), some become more challenging out of context--the coloring in the "U" in Guess and the h of "These" may lead one astray. The G of Guess I should have gotten but didn't--the quotation mark is a big tip-off to time period.

Easiest for me: 9,10,18, 26, 38, 43.

Ones I'm guessing are the hardest: 12, 14 (too many possibilities), 17, 23, 41.