Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Creating your network (of people)

First off, Disney/ABC applications must be postmarked by Friday! Quick reminders:
Don't forget the Statement of Interest aka Why You Are Diverse.
Or the Autobiography.
Your script needs to be WGA registered.

Good luck everybody!


Talia writes: How did you initially make the contacts and initiate relationships with the people you've met in LA?

For me personally, it started when I studied in LA through my school's LA semester program. Our school had a database of internship sites, and I got one internship through that. I got the other by applying online. (Getting an internship is easy, I promise. There are a zillion postings on the UTA list and tracking boards. But really all you have to do is call up a company you'd like to work for. If you make a good impression, few places will refuse your free labor. Enjoy it, because getting a Real Job afterward is much harder.)

Stay in touch with your supervisors (that's how I got my current job, and a couple other interviews). Make friends with other interns or assistants (that's how I got my current roommate). Then your network will just grow and grow. If you're an assistant, you'll meet lots of other assistants by talking to them on the phone and then meeting them for drinks. If you're a PA you'll probably be moving from job to job which will also enable you to network. Soon you'll meet more people and their friends and their friends. It takes being a bit proactive, but you'll find that Hollywood is actually a very small place, and that everybody is connected somehow.

I have also been lucky to have a base of people I went to college with who moved out here (the fact that we got to test it out for a semester was a big help). If your school doesn't have an LA program, you can enroll in one through another school (like mine) - just know that you're going to be paying that hefty private school tuition. You might also try your school's alumni database to see if there are any alums living out here. I bet there are at least a few, and people generally love meeting and helping out those who stumbled across the same quads. If you really need the internships more than classes, you could come out here for a summer, or any few months really, get a sublet and an internship and see if you like it before making a commitment. If you're older you can do the same thing - just know that finding a paying job might take you a little while.

What else? UCLA extension classes...writing groups...networking groups like LA TV Writers. You can also meet people through blogs and the internet - which is how I've met so many of you. :)

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The Heart Attack Club said...

Hey Amanda, Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say your blog has inspired me to do a blog about getting that first job in Film in the UK, and just wanted to point you to it really. You've always given cool advice hopefully I can follow in your footsteps.