Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mo Money, Fewer Problems

Thanks for all the positive comments about my last post. The funny thing is, I wasn't really that depressed about being poor, or feeling that old (despite my recent birthday...I think I've got about 2 more years before I start hesitating to tell people how old I am). But I have been thinking about the whole money thing. A wise TV writer I met last week told me, "Money doesn't solve all your problems. But it solves all your problems that have to do with not having enough money." I gots lotsa those! There's gotta be something I can do that doesn't involve getting an awful second job and working 7 days a week, right?

And then it dawned on me. Exploitation. Not me, my cat, Tony. He is fricking gorgeous, and he knows it. Surely I can exploit him the way stagemothers exploit their beautiful children, right? And it won't even mess up his psyche, because he's too dumb to realize what's going on. I mean, he thinks pens are the coolest thing ever.

So I did some internet searching...and there are certainly photo contests. But it seems that the only prizes are CALENDARS, CAT FOOD and KITTY LITTER. WTF? Where's the cash I need? I mean, yes, Tony does need food and litter - but my roommate buys that shit. (Yes, I want to exploit an animal I do not even own. Don't judge me. My roommate makes studio money, and she talked me into letting her buy him; she called me from Petco and was like "Amandaaaaaaa there is this really pretty orange one and he's so cute can we get him please please PLEAAAASE?" What can I say, I'm a sucker for that slight Oklahoma drawl.)

So I guess I'll be looking for more profitable endeavors. Do let me know if you've got a connection in the cat modeling world, though. I'm telling you, Tony's hott:

He'll even cuddle with you between 10 am and 7 pm. (The rest is CRAZY TIME, during which my couch becomes a hurdle and no pens are safe.)

Coming soon: Actual posts related to TV writing

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Danny said...


One of the first good friends I made out here in LA is from Oklahoma, too.

Those people are weird.

Nice cat. Little furball.

StevenPatterson said...

I have a question, would I ever get a good career writing television in Canada?

Unknown said...

pimp tony at the meow mix game show:

in LA august 2nd & 3rd

i took maeby. she did well, but i don't think i exuded enough crazy cat personality to get chosen. i didn't bring lucille cause i was afraid she'd eat another cat or a judge.

you may call me crazy, but top prize is *cue dr. evil* ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Failed Minimalist said...

If you have to ask the "Canada Question" then just give up now.

And, btw, black cats are better.

Eleanor said...

Steven, check out McD's blog.

Eleanor said...

sorry, I meant DMc.

...It's been one of those days...