Friday, July 25, 2008

Guilt, Fear, Advice. And a wet bar.

Oh dear blog readers. I feel so guilty about neglecting you this week. Maybe it's silly to feel guilty, as I have been busy with work and moving and various things, but I guess my Catholic uprbinging rears its ecclesiastical head sometimes. They say being Catholic is like being in the mob; you can never really quit. Maybe it's also I'm afraid if I don't write Really Interesting things all the time, you guys are going to dump me and find some other blog. You know, fear of rejection.

So I am moving. To West Hollywood. I'm kind of astounded that we were able to find a place with everything we wanted. 2 Bathrooms! 2 Parking spots! And there is a wet bar. Wet bar! Okay, it's a sink in the living room with some shelves and a funky silver-gold mirror. But it rocks. My commute will only be three miles! Of course, when I stop working at an agency and start working on a TV show I'll probably have to commute back to the valley again...but I'll be living basically right at the bottom of Laurel Canyon so I'm okay with it. I can no longer make sarcastic remarks about living in the valley, which does sadden me a bit. But I've heard the closest 24 Hour Fitness to my new place is a major Boys Town (Boyz Town?) hub, so I can probably make sarcastic remarks about not fitting in there instead. I bought 3 years at 24 Hour Fitness, since it was the cheapest way to go. Guess I got over that fear of commitment, huh?

My boss has said a lot of funny, entertaining things this week. I think my favorite was his comment about some exec: "I've never liked her. She is an AMBASSADOR OF DOOM." I think the best thing about him is that he's not really trying to be funny most of the time. And those are generally the funniest people, you know?

He also did it. It. The thing where he asks me what I want to do with my life. Strangely, it was after he asked me about lunch and whether I had a boyfriend. (I think the link there is that if I had a boyfriend, I would be able to get free meals. I told you, my boss is old school.) So I came clean and said I was a writer. It's funny, a wise TV writer told me I should tell EVERYONE I'm a writer. But there is a kind of stigma about it, at least at the agency. It's generally a Super Bad Idea to do that in a job interview (for a job that's not a writer's assistant or something). But another TV writer theorized that it's only a bad idea when you're vying for a job. Once you have the job, tell everyone, so that that you're on their radar and they can do what they can to help you.

And it seems that my boss is going to do just that, eventually. He mentioned an exec producer he knows on a show I like. He said I should get TV agents here to read my stuff. I pitched him my feature idea and he liked it, so I said I'd let him know when I finished it. He also gave me the advice that I know but sometimes have trouble adhering to: JUST KEEP WRITING.

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Some Audio Guy said...

The wife and I used to live in WeHo, and we LOVED it. ALWAYS something to do, great bars, awesome parties, and a really safe and clean community. Very dog friendly too.

Dan Williams said...

Feeling guilty? Wasn't a problem. I just assumed you were busy and would blog later. (When you feel pressure, it helps to learn to let go and give yourself a day off.)

You are always interesting when you are being honest and sharing your humanity as you deal with the obstacles. Not a problem.

Congrats on your new apartment! Hanging in there paid off.

Your boss is a TREASURE. For him to take an interest in you is GREAT. For him to suggest the TV guys read your stuff is FABULOUS. You need to go with this FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY. So keep writing, keep learning from Dara Marks, and get feedback from the TV guys.

I think maybe it's starting to happen for you. Two big doors have just opened -- the apartment, the TV guys. Now, just master the craft and do good work.

(That's how it looks to me.)

Phillip Sevy said...

Congrats Amanda! That is so very cool!

I'm an aspriring feature writer (hmmm... wonder if that blog name is taken) who is gearing up to take the plunge and move to LA - and I greatly appreciate your blog. Been a faithful reader since Jane linked you on her site.

Good luck and keep plugging along - you keep me motivated and inspired too.

Jesse said...

Hey Amanda, I think it'd be cool if you explained exactly why you made your move. I have my own assumptions, but knowing why someone moves from the place their living, and why to the new place is always good information!