Friday, July 18, 2008

Failure - 1, Writing Career - 0

Apparently SCRIPT PIMP already announced their 2008 finalists without telling us losers. Here's the list.

It's totally fine. Austin winners get announced August 29...good luck!

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Dan Williams said...

"Not winning" is not the same as "failure."

You've gained a lot of good experience, so try to look at the glass as being half-full and seek to find ways to add to it, like reading and following the creative process in Dara Marks's book.

You should be proud of how far you have come and the work you've done. And try again.

Angry Bear said...

My glass is broken...

aldentre said...

What's most depressing is the amount of pint lager that could have been purchased with the entrance fee.

I wouldn't be too enthused by the prospect of reading Marks' book, nor by the benefits it supposedly supplies. ...Last time I checked, she's had no real success as a screenwriter. Would you buy a book about plumbing by someone who's never figured out the plunger?

I will, instead, continue to follow the advice from the true pros... write more.

Dan Williams said...

No, guys, this isn't the way to look at it. You don't have to win all the battles to win the war, just the last one. You have to expect that there's a learning curve, but as long as each script you write is an improvement, you'll get to your goal.

Numb Frog, hang in there! When one glass breaks, you get another. That is, you start a new script and make it better. Your own talent will urge you to do so.

Aldentre, you can't judge a book without reading it. Some people can write a script but can't explain how. Some people can explain how but can't do it themselves. And some people, like Dara Marks, have exceptional insight and have devised a writing process that is superb.

I won't harp on it, Amanda, but just get the book. If it wasn't EXCEPTIONAL, why would I mention it?

(Well, I tried.)

Trevor Finn said...

Yeah, me too Amanda :/ Also, Scriptapalooza finalists should be announced any day now.

Keith said...

I've been trying to find some of these past contest-winning TV scripts (just so I can read what a winner reads like), but haven't had any luck with google searches.

My ABC/Disney spec is about to go in the mail. I just want some better/equal/worse perspective.

probability said...

If you want to read the ScriptPIMP grand prize winner, shoot me an email: beauhenry at gmail dot com.

I guess the more people that read my script the better. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Beau!

Congrats on getting the Grand Prize! We got 1st Place for our Dexter spec - right behind you. By the way - missed you at the Improv last night!

If anyone wants to give ours a look, give us a shout at

Ryan & Brian

probability said...

Yeah, unfortunately I live in Houston, so I couldn't make it to the improv and I won't be at the awards ceremony, but I'll try to send someone on my behalf. Congrats on your first place, I'll be sending you an email to ask for a copy!