Friday, August 1, 2008


I had my first earthquake the other day. I guess it's a kind of Angeleno right of passage. It was so bizarre...I was just sitting at work and suddenly I felt my desk shaking. For some reason I thought it was a coworker doing it, though that would have been physically impossible. I turned around to scowl the way I do when rubberbands sting my bare arms - and I saw that everything was shaking. "We're having an earthquake!" someone yelled. I wasn't scared - I was a little excited, a little thrilled to see what would happen, how everyone would respond. We all got up and gathered at the center of our room, unsure of what to do. Wait in a doorframe? Or is that for tornadoes? Before we had made a decision, it was over - and thus began all the talk of feelings and past experiences and everything that wasn't making script sales. Agents were talking to assistants. Phone calls could wait. In a strange way, the earthquake was the most relaxing moment of a very stressful week. For a few minutes, we were all the same - just people. People doing silly little things that can be interrupted at any moment by the shifting and splitting and shaking of something so much bigger.

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Unknown said...

Wow. Another fabulous entry, Amanda! Thank you.

Interesting that the emotional impact isn't in the severity of the massive life-threatening situation, it's in the small human moments afterward. Beautifully illustrated.

Matt said...

They used to say that you should stand in a doorway, but now they say you shouldn't. It's like eggs-- one year they're bad for you, the next year they're good.

Unknown said...

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