Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cats & Canada

First, an update on How to Exploit Your Cat for Rent Money: You can vote for Tony and help me win $1,000 by clicking here! Thanks!

Steven asks: would I ever get a good career writing television in Canada?

I suggest you ask Alex Epstein - since he is a TV writer in Canada. Pretty much everything I know about Canadian television involves Degrassi: The Next Generation.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should get in touch with Brent Butt, who created "Corner Gas"-- (a very funny show, BTW). Perhaps he could suggest a contact at Canadian Television, which produces it.

I write this not as a TV insider, but as a person who figures anything is worth a shot.

Crystal said...

Canadian writer here...

My question is, WHY does he want to try to break into Canada? Is he Canadian? Because if not, he's going to face the same immigration problems that Canadians who want to go south face: No production will sponsor you for work when there's someone in their own country who can do it. Even moreso in Canada, where measuring how "Canadian" a production is gets us the ever-important tax credits. (And each crew person counts as potential Canadian points.)

If Steven is American, I don't see any reason to come up here, it's not easier up here, what with the abysmal lack of funding and crumbling national identity. And it's still monster-competitive.

Now, if Steven *is* Canadian and lives to tell the stories that only our country can, then welcome!