Thursday, June 12, 2008

Why nothing I ever write will truly be fiction

The Parlor in Santa Monica seems to be a place where 20somethings go to relive a college experience they never quite had.

As the Lakers crowd filtered out, a drunk guy continued to lean on the bar.
To my friend: You have a nice smile.
To my other friend: You have a nice smile, too!
To me: I like your earrings, but it looks like you never comb your hair.

I swear, I do not make this shit up. It's like the time at Lubitsch the round guy with the accent and black-framed glasses asked if he could lick my shoulders.

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Emily Blake said...

This one time a guy at a bar and I were having a lovely conversation until he asked what I do. When I said I teach in South Central he said "Oh! So you teach Ebonics!"

Yes, tardnut. The best way to impress a girl is to make racial remarks about the kids she teaches.

Dave Ale said...

You know, there are times when I think girls live far more interesting lives than guys, just based on the fact that random people will come up to you and ask to lick your shoulders.

I had a random girl stop and tie my shoe once -- much to the amazement of my 14 year old self -- but other than that, nothing too thrilling.

Joey said...

was it the tool in the green shirt?
the one who was trying to balance a glass on his head the entire night?

Stephen said...

It's because he was a Lakers fan. Laker fans are fundamentally retarded.

Yes, I am a Celtics fan.

danny said...

"The Parlor in Santa Monica seems to be a place where 20somethings go to relive a college experience they never quite had."

Haven't been to the Parlor yet, but I hear my university's LA alumni group gathers there regularly for our football and basketball games.

I was looking forward to watching some of our games there in the fall.

Are you saying I should know something before I go?

danny said...

Oh, assuming I won't know anyone there before I go, of course.

Amanda said...

To Danny -
Hm, not really. I'm sure you'll have fun with your alum friends. I actually liked Parlor the first time, on a was just an odd crowd the second time. Plus, the bar feels like it's trying to be a club and a sports bar at the same time. It's like wearing a t-shirt, but a $250 t-shirt with rhinestones on it.

Dan Williams said...

Ellen Sandler has written a really good book on TV Writing. She says she can't make things up, that's not her talent. So she basis her scripts on real moments like these, but gives them to the character in the show. She was a showrunner, I think, for "Everybody Loves Raymond." If a writer is lucky enough to attract such moments into her/his life, they become the treasure the writer has to give to the world by means of characters on the show.

Emily Blake said...

FYI: Jane Espenson called out your blog today at a panel thingee. So expect your hits to jump a lot within the next couple of days, you lucky girl.

Scott Goodwin said...

Maybe there was a gummy bear on your shoulder?