Monday, June 2, 2008

the punchline

Weekend thought: I will always be the girl who gets an entire cup of pink punch spilled all over her white pants.

FYI, there's another writing program to enter! NBC's Writers on the Verge. Deadline is June 30.

And this was posted in the comments, but in case you didn't see: ABC has told curious entrants via email that they'll be updating the fellowship website soon, and that the deadline is July 31. Amita also shared a link to the blog of a writing team who were finalists in the Disney/ABC writing program...a blog that looks curiously like mine...

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JayTee said...

Hello, I'm normally a silent reader of your blog. Just wanted to let you know about the link to the writing team- they were Disney Fellow finalists but they, unfortunately, were not selected for the fellowship. The blog was a good and inspiring read is your blog :) Thanks!

Ma Please said...

Hey Amanda, I found your blog through Alex Epstein's. Fun blog you have here btw. Also, not that this will mean anything to you, but you have a twin in Toronto. I work with her. Amazing how similar you guys look. Anyhow, I'm meeting with an interested Agent (WGC Signatory) next week, any advice? What to ask her, what to say/not say, etc?

ecr95 said...

Hello! My husband is also trying to crack this Hollywood nut. He was also an ABC Finalist, but not, it seems, a "runner up" as those 2 were. Wanted to give you another contest to add to your sidebar:

The cool thing about this is the people who read your scripts give pretty good feedback. So, unlike other contests you can actually get notes back.

Also, if you like hiking in LA, I have a cool website you might want to check out :

Keep up the good blogging!