Monday, June 16, 2008

Life update?

Mitchell writes: I was wondering how your quest to become a writer has been going for you?

I'm feeling a bit motionless in terms of my career right now, because I have committed to work for my current boss until March of 09. TIS A LONG TIME. A year at an agency is standard, but that means a year on a desk - so my mailroom and floater time didn't count, and I'll have done more like 17 months when I'm finished. It's cool, though - I'm using the time to network and make sure I will be armed with three really good scripts when I'm finished at the agency. I currently have a spec of WEEDS I'm happy with, and I have entered it in a few contests and will enter it into the upcoming fellowships. I'm also thisclose to finishing a second draft of my pilot, after which point I'll get some more notes and write a third draft before entering into anything, etc. Then I'll probably write another spec. Brothers and Sisters maybe? Gossip Girl? I haven't decided yet.

Once March comes, if I'm not an ABC/Disney fellow (hope is good, but so is realism), I'll try to get a writer's assistant job. This is much easier said than done; I've only seen about 3 postings for these jobs ever, and I get several postings a week. But I've managed to meet a few of these unicorns, and perhaps they will get promoted...or perhaps I can leverage some of my other connections into a WA job. Or maybe I'll find a magical chest of money and never have to roll calls and fetch things ever again. The problem with plans is that your life never quite adheres to them.

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Robbin said...'s good to have a plan...but those detours and obstacles can often lead to something even better...possibilities you'd never consider...

Dan Williams said...

Having a plan is infinitely better than not having one because it tells you what to look for, what's important and what's a deadend. Yours seems pretty solid and reasonable. One possible idea you may wish to consider is your output. TV writing is generally fast writing, so if you plan only to have 3 scripts ready by March 09that might be too few. What about writing some scripts based on your pilot?

Anyway, it's just a suggestion and only you can tell what pace is most comfortable for you. Otherwise, I'd say you were on track.

? said...

Wing it. Life is so much more interesting when you throw caution to the wind.

Blarney aka Kevin Lehane.

The Genre Writer said...

Do you work in tv lit, feature lit, or talent?'

Do you like agnecy work or is it hell for a upcoming writer?