Sunday, June 29, 2008

Honest to Blog

First, a deadline check:

NBC Writers on the Verge - June 30

Fox Diversity Development Writing Program - July 3

WB Writers Workshop - July 25

Disney/ABC Fellowship - August 8

Good luck!


A question from Lewis: I've started a blog recently and I've got about a handful of readers, mostly people who I've had loose contact with, so I've been long did it take for your blog to find its audience?

I've been blogging since high school, but I started this particular blog about a year ago, right before I made the big move to LA. I decided to stop whining about my astounding ability to gain five pounds in one weekend and instead focus on my path to TV writerdom. I think that's step one: give your blog a solid focus, and write about stuff that people want to read about. If you're just writing about your life, you're probably not going to get that many readers, unless your life is really unique and interesting (Diablo Cody's blog about stripping did get her noticed, after all). I answer questions from readers and write about what (I think) aspiring TV writers need to know.

My readership hasn't really come gradually; once Jane Epsenson, Alex Epstein and The Chicago Tribune's The Watcher linked me, my hits grew exponentially. Literally overnight. That's step two: get noticed by other bloggers who get more hits than you. Also, you've gotta blog often and keep up the interesting posts so that people keep coming back.

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wcdixon said...

Nice blogging numbers tips...pick a topic and stay on task for sure, get noticed by other bigger bloggers as well... but also be you and true to yourself --- readers can seem to smell someone just hustling for numbers real fast. It's uncanny.

Emily Blake said...

I'd also offer this:

It's also about keeping up with the community. When you comment on boards and other blogs people start to notice you. And the more often you post, the more readers you are likely to have. If you post every day you tend to get regular readers, especially if your posts have personality. If you post once a month people start to forget about you. Keeping a successful blog is work. Worth it, but work.