Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Happy Business of Webisodes

Jason wrote in to offer some contrast to the Sad Business of Comedy: This article, The Anti-Entourage, tells the story of the web series We Need Girlfriends, which is now being developed with Darren Star for CBS. I'm skeptical of three characters who cower in the corner of bars instead of actively pursuing what they want...but it's still a pretty amusing concept.

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dup said...

I found this show through the NY Times article a few months ago and was really impressed with it. A lot of people have the same banal idea: "Our life would make a great sitcom!" but the fact that these guys were able to come up with such a funny and winning result is a real testament to the talent of this show's writing, acting and direction. The camera work and editing is really impressive too without being showy.