Saturday, June 7, 2008

Career advice

Client: I can't believe they want to work with us. That article made us seem like drunken sluts!

My boss: But that's what people want to see - SUCCESSFUL drunken sluts!

I have a new motto for life.

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Angry Bear said...

That's hot!

Dan Williams said...

What an interesting title for a movie, huh? -- Successful Drunken Sluts. I start laughing just thinking about it, it's so, so, so silly and ridiculous and yet so surprisingly real. The premise obivously plays against conventional wisdom that the way to get ahead is to be sober and chaste. It reminds of a great Somerset Maugham short story, "The Grasshopper and the Ant," where the play-around grasshopper wins. Is Hollywood ready for a "grasshopper and ant" feature? Either animated or not? (Any ideas expressed here are the property of everybody who wants to use them.)

Angry Bear said...

Dan, she's not going to date you, no matter how many posts you make.

She's mine!

Dan Williams said...

No, no, no, Numb Frog. That's not what's going on. I'm just helping out, when and where I can, somebody who has a goal that I can empathize with. If you and Amanda are dating then I hope it works out for you both. My contribution to the blog is only intended to add in ideas that Amanda may not yet be familiar with. Okay?