Sunday, May 11, 2008

writers groups & contests

Amie writes: You mention your writing group a lot and I'm interested in how you found yours. I started one with some people at a UCLA class that I took and it was great but it's sort of falling apart. Any ideas on how to find a new (and more consistent group)?

I joined my writers group when someone read my blog and asked me to join one that she was starting with other bloggers. That was basically it. I'm afraid we aren't looking for new members right now (we have enough to read!), but since I know a lot of you are looking for groups, feel free to comment on this post and then maybe you can start finding each other!

Amita writes: are you applying to the ABC/Disney Fellowship? I want to send my application in within the next 3 weeks and I've been checking the site everyday but they haven't updated the date to be July 1st, 2008. I think the deadline stays the same every year but are you waiting for a new application before submitting? I called the number listed and all you get is a recorded (old) message. Also emailed and heard nothing back....

Indeed I will apply (link is to the right). I have no idea about the info...but I can offer the knowledge that it took them a while to get their site updated last year, too. And - many other fellowship/contest websites are lax in updating. The ABC/Disney program is definitely alive and well - I'm sure the info will be up soon (if you work at ABC feel free to chime in about the program).

Speaking of contests...thought you might want to know about a couple more TV script competitions I've discovered:

Austin Film Festival - June 1 deadline

Script P.I.M.P - May 15 deadline

Let's hope my good karma balances out all my new competition.


Trevor Finn said...

What do you think about contests? In your opinion are they worth our time, or are they cash grabs? Obviously the fellowships are solid, but other than that I'm not sure.

Michael said...

Concerning screenwriting groups: two months ago i started my own.

If you can find an interesting group in your area try to join, but if you happen to live in an - in terms of screenwriting - underdeveloped city you´ll probably also have to start one.

I just wrote down my concept and ideas of the group and posted in different forums or communities where people from my area take part. I also asked some people i know and which are interested in screenwriting, after the first day i had my group together.

So If the group doesn´t work out you have tried at least and can start another try with different people.

I´ve found the eBook from Alexis Niki very helpful: Joining, Creating, or Running a Screenwriters' Group.

Hope this helped...

Dan In LA said...

I did a quick google search on the fellowship, and read (from unverifiable sources) that the contest deadline is being pushed back to July 31st. Can't say it's true, but just thought I'd say it.

Dan O'Halloran said...

ScreenPlayLab hosted an event in April where the head of the Disney Writing Fellowship program spoke. He announced that night that the deadline for applications is July 31, 2008 this year.