Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The lack of women in late-night TV

Check out this really interesting Vanity Fair piece by Nell Scovell about the sexual favoritism at Letterman and the disappointing lack of women writers in late-night TV.

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Dan Williams said...

It's an interesting article about a subject loaded with dynamite.

At two companys I worked at, an exec was involved with someone. At one, they kept working at the company and it seemed to hurt everybody, including them. At the other, the guy (the woman was the exce) quit and joined another company. This was a highly praised move and seemed to work out for everybody. Affairs within the workplace just aren't good.

As far as women running up against gender barriers is concerned, it just takes time, I think. Things are much much better than when I was growning up. So eventually full equality will arrive, I believe.

But it was cool that she got a job based on her jokes. That shows that "talent conquers all."

Dan Williams said...

Just came across this from highest paid execs under age 40 in public companies. Holli is number 17 and is doing very well: so women HAVE ARRIVED in business! How about a TV show based on Holli's experiences!

17. Holli C. Nichols
CFO & EVP Dynegy (DYN)

Age: 39
2008 Total compensation*: $1.52 million

The downturn in the economy has hit independent power generator Dynegy hard. To help boost the liquidity of the Houston-based company, Nichols, a PricewaterhouseCoopers veteran who joined the company in 2000, helped broker a $1.5 billion cash and stock deal to sell nine power plants to LS Power in August.
Analysts say the move may have saved the company, which posted a $345 million loss during its second quarter, from bankruptcy potential.

Source: Equilar Inc.

Casey said...

the majority of chicks aren't as funny as the majority of dudes. you know this. now get over it. it's tough for all out there.