Friday, October 9, 2009

Bad News for Feature Writers

Sony is cutting back on buying scripts and other material to develop, until its new fiscal year in April. Check out this article from the LA Times: Sony puts near-freeze on new scripts, movie development.

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Dan Williams said...

I'm reading Donald Trump's book, "Think Big." It's a real boost to the morale. He started in 1973 in Manhattan in a down market for real estate and with the city facing bankruptcy after the federal government cut back spending on public housing. Everybody told him he was crazy. But he learned that in a down market it was possible to put deals together with little or no money down (he didn't have any money!). It was also the time to make connections as everybody was worried and so they spoke from the heart on the issues. It seems to me there must be technical people who might work on spec to put together a half-hour, one-hour or feature. I guess when times are tough, these great deals can be made which could never be made during a rising market or a boom.