Thursday, September 3, 2009

Putting a Logo on Your Title Page?

Daria writes: Do you know how to get a show's logo on the title page in Final Draft? It's obviously possibly as I've seen it on show scripts, but I can't figure out how to do it, because Final Draft doesn't seem to accept a pasted image.

I actually don't know if you can put an image on an Final Draft page - my suggestion would be to make a title page in Word, and then insert it into the final PDF after you've converted your script from FDR to PDF (generally you shouldn't be sending around FDR files anyway unless they're to a writing partner or something, as not everyone has Final Draft and PDFs are just more universal).

But that being said, if it's a spec or original pilot you're working on, you probably shouldn't be putting a logo in there at all. You want to keep your presentation simple.

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Jeff said...

it's interesting you advise to keep title pages simple. I've also heard that axiom before. I will say this, while working in development, it's always nice to come across a cool title page(for film specs at least) that's just my personal opinion and I realize it means little.

he who rants said...

See, I'd say the opposite. Every time I saw a "cool graphic" on someone's random spec script that was always the first sign that it was going to suck. It's just trying too hard. People who let their writing speak for itself don't need the bells and whistles.

DEV said...

For TV I'm pretty sure that's a big no no. I think in Ellen Sander's book she says it marks you as an amateur and, more importantly, is also copyright infringement.

Jeff said...

well, I could see how you guys are putting it but i still kinda feel that it can be cool, and a change of pace from monotony. Also, I've seen awful scripts with interesting covers, and pretty good ones so I dunno. I will admit i kept one script cuz the cover was so neat.

Dan Williams said...

If the logo adds value to the title page -- some think,yes, some think, no -- you would guess that it's cool to add it in. But my own take is that the TITLE of the spec should be doing this for you. If the logo is cooler than the title, then throw out both and write a title with a higher concept.

Emily Blake said...

For most readers in film, putting anything on the title page other than the title, your name and contact information is really irritating and sends you to the bottom of the pile.

I don't know if that carries over to TV, but I'd imagine it does.