Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Premiering this week

DVR FAIL! Why did my DVR not record the new Melrose Place last night? Arg. I will have to catch it some other time. What did you guys think? Better than the 90210 remake? Better than the original? I've actually never seen the original because I was playing with legos or something, though I remember my parents forbidding my older sister to watch it. I particularly enjoyed the New York Times review of the new MP, with its classic NYT avoidance of taking a stand on whether the show is good or bad.

Hey, what if we made Twilight into a show? If you're into teen vampires, Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday @ 8 on the CW. I'm not into vamps, but I do like Nina Dobrev, my Degrassi fave who had to deal with the discrimination that comes with being a teen mother who also wants to be a cheerleader and a model. The show already has a spinoff of sorts, a web series called A Darker Truth.

Fox is also getting a head start on the new fall season with its Glee premiere tonight @ 9. Most of us have already seen it, since they showed it back in May to (successfully) create buzz. Not sure if the show has staying power, but I'm excited since it's something different and fun. I'm also amazed by the fact that the show's cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" became a bigger hit than the original one ever was. That's kind of a big deal, no?

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The Bitter Script Reader said...

Yay! Another Glee fan!

The Melrose Place pilot is running again this week - I think after the Vampire Diaries premiere. My take - not all that good. There are some decent actors (and a few bad ones too), but the characters are all cliches and the whole thing suffers from a case of "Pilot-itis." (As in, "let's hastily get everyone on-screen and establish their dynamics as awkwardly as possible.")

It was a little more cohesive than 90210's pilot last year, but not by much.

Also, I never saw the original show, which means that the twist at the end of the teaser had virtually no emotional impact for me. If they're trying to appeal to viewers unfamiliar with the old show, I think it might have served them better to hold that until the end of the first episode.

Nicole Leigh said...

Not too big on the Melrose Place premiere. I'll still probably like it though. Ashlee Simpson was pretty bad in it.

maria said...

for the record, it was 90210 that was forbidden when i was in 3rd grade. it was the beginning of the downward spiral of my social status when i wasn't able to participate in the locker room discussion of miss mcclellan's gym class.

i'm still bitter.

odocoileus said...

Word is it tanked, and will have trouble getting a full season order.

Dan Williams said...

I watched MP pilot on youtube. It seemed to start a bit lame but it got much better as it rolled along. It seems the actors are trying to hard to be up and energetic. The scene between alums Laura Leighton and Thomas Calbro was beautifully understated and full of menace. The show should settle down and become good, I'm guessing.

Carl said...

Playing Lego's or something? Thanks for making me feel so old! :) Generally, I'm not a fan of remakes. Especially of two of the best shows of my college years, 90210 and MP.