Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Insert Obligatory Green Day Lyric About September Here

September 1st. Crazy, right? Almost time for "fall," except that Los Angeles is burning like a fiery inferno. It's so strange, seeing all the images of the fires (thanks to Jane for this great photo essay from the LA Times). It was really shocking to me when I first moved here, since extreme weather to me always meant ice storms or six-foot snowbanks...but now it seems like parts of this city are always on fire.

Awkward segue....I'm enjoying my post-agency life. Blogging for Twirlit, spreading my love of grammar to students taking the SATs, adding more pages to my unintentionally epic romantic comedy. I spent this past weeked in Huntington Beach with my sister, enjoying the spoils of her Fancy Corporate Job, including browning myself at the beach resort and cruising in her rented red Mustang convertible. We drove down the PCH to Newport and Laguna, where I soaked in Josh Schwartz's inspiration for my beloved O.C. It's suprisingly quaint and cute, though I certainly realize how many millions of dollars you need to live somewhere so "quaint."

I also caught up on my favorite summer series, Royal Pains. If you missed it, you can watch the last few eps on USA's website. In addition to being way funnier and more interesting than the average medical show, the music is great, and Paulo Costanzo is adorable and hilarious.

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Dan Williams said...

Sounds great! And thanks for the tip about the show. We've got lots of weather here in Guelph, too. It's like, raining, every second day. This summer might be a record for overcast darkness and rainfall. I guess these type of summers happen once a decade or so!

Rich said...

Some doctors still make house calls!