Sunday, September 27, 2009

The future of your spec pilot

Cody writes: I've got a question for you regarding a spec pilot I'm working on. I have an idea of where the first few seasons are going, but how much do I really need to know? I know the chances of a spec pilot getting picked up are incredibly slim, but should I know everything just in case?

Nah. If you have an idea about the first few seasons, I think you're in good shape. Few shows get that far. Just be aware that a lot of agents, producers, execs, etc. read spec pilots and complain that they can't envision what future episodes would be like. They want to know that you have created a machine for cranking out conflicts and episodes over and over, and not just a fun 60 (or 30) minutes of content.

And if you become so lucky as to get your show made, the future of the series won't be completely up to you, anyway. You'll be working with executives, producers and other writers to lay out the arc of the show.

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Dan Williams said...

Wow, "an idea of where the first few seasons are going" -- that sounds terrific! You are on the right track, I think. If you can list the shows and flesh them out a bit, you have a great conversation piece when meeting with a showrunner or exec.

Annoyed Screenwriter said...

Thank you, amanda for answering my question! And thank you, Dan!