Friday, September 11, 2009

Funny Response to Josh Olson Diatribe

Cronenberg not willing to read Josh Olson's f---ing script

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Dan Williams said...

Yeah, it's a sorry situation, with Josh now reaping negativity from venting negativity. He should have done a video clip on his website explaining he is respectful towards new writers but cannot read new work as he is not a professional reader and he is just too busy. But he should also be able to refer them somewhere. That way, he is good to the newbe's and wannabe's and gets good marks from people in the biz. I feel sorry for him because he's just made his situation that much worse. Now he needs to make an apology, and do the video clip, and give some free classes for new writers. And hope he is forgiven over time. (Josh, my friend, I've gone through this.)