Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ahhhh so much TV to watch

Is anyone else stressed out by the fall season?? Luckily I'm sure some of the shows will suck and I can take them off my DVR list. :) Anyone catch The Good Wife last night? I liked it, Julianna Marguiles was great, there are some attractive men...but it's still a law show. And it's a little more serious than I generally like my television. Anyway, I reviewed it for Twirlit if you care to check that out.

Tonight marks ABC's attempt to get back into the half-hour comedy game with Modern Family and Cougar Town. Everyone loves the first pilot (I've seen it and concur), while I've heard mostly bad reviews of the second. But Courteney Cox-Arquette is so great that I think we should give it a couple episodes, no?

Here are some clips:

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Justin said...

My DVR can't keep up with the Wednesday night lineup!

Dan Williams said...

So much TV to watch, and a lot of it looks really good! Maybe this is the season that TV makes a come back and the audience numbers go up and writing staffs start expanding again. So maybe it's a good idea to write specs of the newest shows?