Monday, August 3, 2009

Writing Contests

Joel writes: Have you had any long term success with submitting your work to the various TV/Film writing contests out there?

No. I think all of the studio-sponsored fellowships and workshops are absolutely worth applying to (even if you're not "diverse"), but keep in mind they are extremely competitive. As for some of the other contests, I'm skeptical. There's really no harm in trying, I guess, but I wouldn't count on them as the only way to try to get your work out there. I think that fellowships, workshops and contests are only a small part of getting people to read your work.

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Dan Williams said...

During the '80's, The TORONTO STAR ran a short story contest every year that received about 2500 entries. Nope, didn't win! But got better each year. The characters and plots could now be made into a novel, a script or a play. And besides, the contests were fun! But no, it's not about actually winning!

Jeff said...

Winning a contest will help make your script stand out to companies, but only a little. It definitely won't hurt, but even if it gets your script through the door, it's still gotta be a great script.

GregM said...

The way I look at it is, the Nicholl costs $30, the Disney/ABC fellowship is free. NBC Writers on the Verge is free, WB is $20 or $30. Those four are the best in the biz. Anything above $30 that isn't the Nicholl (or the O'Neill, on the playwright's side) is a rip-off.

E Dot said...

In Los Angeles? It's the monthly networking event for writers, agents, and manager! Check it out below:

Hope to see you there!