Tuesday, August 25, 2009

thirtysomething out on DVD today

Crap. I may have to add another series to my list of shows to catch up on. The cast of thirtysomething was reunited on GMA this morning to promote the release of the show on DVD. Are any of you big fans? You know I'm too young.. :)

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dorsey said...

i watch two and half men every season.this time i have lot of dvd collection of this tv show.

Dan Williams said...

Steven Spielberg said the 'thirysomething' scripts were the best written on TV and advised writers to study them. The show had terrific actors but the theme was a bit lame: "everyday life for boomers with spouses, jobs and babies." There was no real conflict. The characters just had to get used to feeding the baby, dealing with the boss, and their own changing ideas about themselves. No alternative was proposed. No take on the situation developed. There was just no way out. That said, the show got better as it rolled along because a villain emerged: Miles, the boss, at work. Once a clear set of values in opposition became clear, the actors took the scripts to new heights, from bland to spicy.

Lisa said...

Several members of that cast went on to acquire cool credits as producers and directors in television imho. i was really young when it was on but i loved it.