Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Television - As We Know It - Is Finished

Here's another interesting article, this one from The Wrap.

I think this is the most important quote:
"Cost-cutting isn't going to cure our ills," one network boss says. "At a certain point, you can't cut any more. There has to be a change in the business models."

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Thomas said...

Television as we know it should change, because it sucks! The most creative minds in hollywood can only come up with the drivel that's on tv right now? Twelve+ writers a room to come up with Kings?

the part that sucks is that we will be getting more reality tv. Networks are so stupid to think that losing ad dollars to terrible programming means they should create more reality programming and cut back. NO. Consumers aren't stupid. They watch...GOOD SHOWS!

Dan Williams said...

When a door closes, a window opens. Just because the nets and studios are cutting back doesn't mean that writers are out of luck. There are digital video cameras that can be bought and the writer can produce video for the web and build up a following and transition to, maybe, a net. It's the writers who can produce the good shows, after all!

When I was growing up, there's was a show called, "Uncle Bobby's Hideaway," that ran from 4 pm to 5 pm and I loved it. It was for kids and they did skits and had cartoons and all sorts of secret hideaway stuff. A writer or a group of writers could produce such a show on the web, and maybe get some notice from the exec's of the world.