Friday, August 28, 2009

Fan Friday: Kate's La Petite Choue Blog

Happy happy Friday! This whole screw-having-a-day-job thing has allowed me to spend more time exploring the wonders of the Internets. I actually read the New York Times! It's amazing. Today I'd like to point you over to a fun lifestyle blog called La Petite Choue by my friend Kate. I have no idea what that means, but everything sounds romantic in French, right? She talks about books, restaurants, music, cooking, etc. - and makes me want to venture to the East side.

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Paige said...

La Petite Choue literally means "The Little Cabbage" in French (it's the feminine version). Mon/Ma petit(e) chou(e) is a term of endearment in France that is akin to the American "sweetheart" or "sweetie pie."

hope that helps :) and thanks for the recommendation.

Kate said...

amanda, you are adore! i just saw this and it totally made my day. glad you are reading and liking it! the east side is the BEST! come over!! xx

Amanda said...

kate you are quite welcome!! i don't know if i'd ever make the move but i would love to come explore one of your favorite places or brunch or whatever! let me know!