Saturday, July 11, 2009

Agent Season

Dan writes: I know that staffing season is the worst time for agents to consider taking on new clients. What are the best times of the year, if any?

Probably now, actually. There is no hard and fast rule, but staffing season finishes up in June, and now we're in the (short) lull before development season is in full force with lots of pitches. (Though I know many are already being set.) You will find that many agents and execs take this time to go on vacation and reacquaint themselves with their families, though.

Another good time to be sending your stuff out is early December, since many agents hope to catch up reading over the 3-4 week holiday break.

I'm not sure if these seasons are really a way to tailor your strategy - you should always be meeting people, always be writing, always be trying to get people to read. But logically, now is better than, say, February.

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