Monday, June 22, 2009

The upside of unemployment

Today I got a call about a job, interviewed and found out I didn't get it in about an 8-hour span. This shit moves fast.

You know that saying,"it's easier to find a job when you have a job"? Not in Hollywood - or at least not if you're trying to work on a show. Sure, it might help to stay connected to your coworkers, remind people you're looking so they can forward you things, and pay your rent. But honestly, I think that people who aren't committed to anything have a leg up in the job search. They can go in for interviews anytime without having to get time off or find a temp (I have had several calls asking for same-day interviews) and they can start immediately, which is really attractive to employers. For some reason, many TV shows don't know what positions they're going to fill (or, at least, don't get around to filling them) until it's become a pressing problem.

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Dan Williams said...

I hope you get the position you're looking for!

You've already accomplished a lot by working as an assistant. It's got you "inside" and novels relating "stories from inside the entertainment industry" do pretty well, I think. There is an entire sub-genre of them, they are so popular, and a book has been written listing over 1,200 along with plot sketches. But most were not written by "insiders" so that would be your advantage.

Kristan said...

Oy... Good luck!

Kate said...

This is really interesting...and helpful to know! I'm moving down there in the fall and do not, as of yet, anticipate having a job when I get there — so it's good to know that might work in my favor for once! :)
Thanks, Amanda.

Ashley said...

I'm a Non-committed Nancy, and I've been looking for four months. Results? No dice. :)

I actually feel the opposite - when you've never held a job in Hollywood, it's harder to break in.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten jobs on two television shows. Both times I got the job by sending out resumes and cover letters to every writer and relevant person on each show. I found this information in the hollywood creative directory. I ended up sending out 175 resumes this last time, became a writers' pa, and am now a writers' assistant so it works! Good luck everybody!