Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Script Pimp

I didn't think the scriptwriting contest Script Pimp had much credibility... but according to today's Hollywood Reporter (for some reason I can't find the article online, it's just in the hard copy), Warner Brothers and Silver Pictures have hired writer Evan Daugherty to rewrite GRAYSKULL, based on the Masters of the Universe cartoon and toy line.

Daugherty entered Script Pimp, and as a result, signed with manager Jake Wagner of Energy Entertainment. Then his script made the Black List. And now he's got a big rewrite gig.

UPDATE from my friend Charles: The announcement is online now. Thanks dude!

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Kristan said...

Omg I totally called that! When I went to see Star Trek on Fri, I said to my boyfriend, "It's only a matter of time before they redo He-Man and She-Ra." OMG YAY!!! (At least I hope it's worthy of my excitement...)

Dave Shepherd said...

We were just talking about this script over on the wordplayer board.

Apparently not the best script ever written... I haven't read it though, so judgment is reserved o my part.

Emily Blake said...


I would have agreed with you about Script Pimp.

maria said...

as in ... for the honor of grayskull -- like she-ra?


probability said...

Why isn't there a Black List for TV specs?

Amanda said...

Probability - Because there is no Franklin Leonard (creator of the Black List) of television that I know of.

Also, do you mean spec scripts of existing shows or spec pilots? I think it would be hard for people to get that excited about existing shows - and as for spec pilots, I think they're still largely seen as writing samples to get staffed...

But I mean, there certainly could be a Black List of TV. Someone would just have to step up and organize it.

probability said...

I nominate...YOU! ;)

"I think it would be hard for people to get that excited about existing shows."

You're obviously right, such a list would never excite Franklin Leonard types. But I'd be excited about it, and I bet there's a whole niche of others that would love it too.

What this would take is a small group of aspiring writers, real writers, bloggers, etc. and an easy way to exchange scripts...along with a dose of anonymity so no one's feelings get hurt.