Friday, May 15, 2009

Inside Scoop on the ABC/Disney Fellowship

I went to another event with Frank Gonzales (which you can read about at the Hollywood Writers' Office Assistants blog) and found it very informative.


This Sunday at ScreenPlayLab, ABC Disney Fellowship director Frank Gonzalez will talk about work opportunities and answer audience questions. It's the one time a year there's open access to an ABC Disney exec to get career advice. There's no fee to enter the ABC Disney Fellowship. Find out what it takes to make it.

For those pursuing a fellowship, there are significant changes in the fellowship programs this year.

Time: Sun 5/17 from 2-5 pm

Fine Arts Theatre
8556Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Limited seating


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Ryan Canty said...

hey amanda!

first off, I love your site...its very well informative and fantastic!

I'm not in LA (yet), but I love the advice and info you give people--which is really what you hear and observe while working as an agent's assistant.

I wish I were in LA, because I am going to apply for the ABC/Disney Fellowship and would love to hear what is said at this upcoming talk...

of course, im writing always and struggling/moving forward with it like you and everyone else...

how is your drama pilot coming along? I just started work on my own and it's at times fun, irritating, and quite interesting. :)

But, have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. are you still going to list what shows are hot to spec for the upcoming 2009-2010 season?

We Really Didn't Think This Through said...

Amanda, there is also a writing program that is a part of ABC & NHMC (National Hispanic Media Council). It runs November-December.
Yes, you must be hispanic/latino to apply, but it is an accelerated scriptwriting program for TV. You meet showrunners, execs, and come out with a finished spec.

Not sure when the application process opens. But you CAN apply for both ABC Fellowship and the ABC/NHMC program.

I was in the program in 2008 and met some great people, came out with writing I'm proud of, and really learned so much. It is a 5-week program, which is about the time it would take to write a script if you were staffed.

Dan Williams said...

Sounds great! Hope you are selected!

Amy R. Butler said...

So basically, by following the timeline rule, you're writing the season premiere for many, if not all, of the network shows. That's material that will become outdated within months once cliffhangers are resolved. I guess I see this as a problem with the more procedural shows, where episodes can, in one sense, be switched around or flip flopped with minimal changes needed. IE., on Bones, the season finale threw what is normally a pretty standard procedural show into a drastically different direction. Did it seem like specs written for a timeline that accounts for the developments of the most recent season but maybe not the season finale would have a fair chance? Or would they totally be discounted?

cind said...

Did anyone make it out to the 5/17 event? Was there any info given out then that wasn't included in Amanda's link?


AlwaysAnna said...

Love your blog, Amanda!!!