Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cool interview with writer/director Kirsten Smith

Be sure to click & watch her short film the SPLEENECTOMY, which she wrote and directed as part of Glamour's Reel Moments program. It's a great program that puts the spotlight on female directors. She says of the experience:

"The stories are all very different, but I think they're offering a message of empowerment and inspiration and, you know, seizing that moment at that crossroads in your life and doing something great with it. Daring to be yourself and follow your bliss, I suppose."

Below the video, click on "Discussions" to read the interview.

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Monsterbeard said...

I can't find the interview. I waited till today so I could watch it, but clicking on the link starts "Cutlass" directed by Kate Hudson. Spleenectomy is there, but no sign of an interview or anything. Am I doing it wrong?

Amanda said...

just edited the post - see if you can figure it out now.

Monsterbeard said...

I'd like to appreciate your tone, but I just can't.

Yes I've figured it out. Mother F!