Saturday, April 18, 2009

Life, Feelings, Zac Efron

So I've been a bit lax with the updating for a few reasons:

1. Momz is in town, so I am eating my way through the weekend via every nearby restaurant

2. The Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga DVD. Oh, Bob.

3. My one-hour light drama pilot - I almost have a new draft finished, which is exciting

4. My feature - I'm working on a rewrite under the guidance of a rather successful and impossibly nice writer/director/producer, which is super exciting

5. 17 AGAIN - is it weird that I am unable to evaluate cinema intelligently when Zac Efron is present, and in aviators?

So yeah. Life and stuff. Until next time, I want you to think about tracking the feelings of your characters. It's a note I've gotten a few times and it's starting to sink in. Sometimes we think about our scripts in terms of plot, and that's certainly understandable - but how do your characters feel about all the things that are happening? What are their greater emotional journeys and arcs? Do they feel differently in the end than they did in the beginning? Is there consistency? If there are changes in feelings, are they on purpose? Understanding what our characters are feeling is an important step in understanding their motivations, and thus being able to root for (or at least be interested in following) people. That's how I see it, at least.

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Kristan said...

No, not weird at all. He's dreamy. ;P

Esther said...

You're absolutely right, about character's feeling. I think so too.
(well, for now I'm just an aspiring writer, so I might be wrong ;) )

(and sorry if my english isn't perfect, I'm french!)

cindy said...

I completely agree about the character feelings. An amazing book, The Soul of Screenwriting by Keith Cunningham, deals with this issue, and adds onto it how to use your own feelings to help you discover how your character feels. For example, if you feel bogged down by writer's block, evaluate if maybe it's because your character is at a point where he or she can't or doesn't want to move forward, and channel your feelings into his or her feelings -- Cunningham obviously explains it better.

Oh, and I second the Zac Efron thing as well. How great was his SNL hosting?

Sasha said...

re: finding your character's emotions

I've always thought acting classes might help, but I'm the worst actress on the planet.

Guess it's tough to draw on your own reactions when you are the most over the top person in the world ;)

In my writing, every emotion/action/convo turns EPIC- it's a problem I'm struggling with. (Does anyone else have that tendency?)

Has acting instruction/experience helped/hurt anybody?