Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coming soon: What to spec

I know a lot of you have been asking what's good to spec this season. My agent trainee friend will be sounding off on that very soon.

In the meantime, work on that pilot!

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TV writer said...

I went to Chad Gervich's pitch event at Barnes and Noble, and I was surprised to hear the panel say that Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother were not good shows to spec because people aren't familiar with them. They only mentioned 30 rock as a viable comedy spec, which I assumed has probably been specced to death. Does your friend have any insight on that?

Also, I am finishing my Samantha Who? spec. I knew it wasn't a super-savy show to spec, but I thought it was decent as it gets Emmy attention and decent ratings (when paired with DWTS.) Anyway, if the show DOES get a third season, would you (or your friend) consider this a viable spec, or is it pretty much worthless?


kiyong said...

aw man, i'm just finishing up a How I Met Your Mother spec! i kind of like that new show Better Off Ted, i hope it lasts.

Numb Frog said...

Big Bang Theory just got renewed for 2 seasons (3 & 4) -- it's the BEST comedy show to spec. If they don't know that show -- oh vey. How many shows do you know will still be on the air in 2 years?

How I Met Your Mother is a GREAT show -- go for it.

I have a 30 Rock spec -- but I keep hearing pilots are the way to go anyway.

Write what you want.

he who rants said...

This whole past year I've been working with a group that first wrote specs, but after several guest speakers (some showrunners, mostly writers) came in to talk to us we found that people are less and less interested in specs, and that original pilots are more the way to go. Now the whole group is writing pilots together, which is nice since we don't need to worry about continuity changing on us week to week as we write specs. (happened to me a lot when I was writing a heroes spec).

Monsterbeard said...

In my opinion, Lie to Me is a solid spec option. Still in its first season but strong enough that it'll last. And good characters to play with!

Anonymous said...