Monday, March 16, 2009

Umm...I kind of love KINGS

I just watched the KINGS pilot on Hulu and I actually really liked it. It's big and sweeping and poetic and dark and hopeful and interesting. It's filled with conflict. It balances modernity with a biblical tale of timeless themes. It's gorgeous and symbolic.

But mostly, it's just different. As I watched I just kept thinking, I've never seen anything like this. And that excites me.

Its premiere numbers were quite low, so I'm cautious in thinking about the show's future...but I'm happy it made it this far. Check it out.

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Xander Bennett said...

Yeah, I thought it was excellent. Great cast, great script, truly original premise.

Nicholas said...

I read the script to it back in November, after having being excited about it since the middle of the summer. It was, in a word, absolutely fantastic. Honestly, I think it is is a must read.

What's interesting about it, though, is how much dirtier it is. There's quite a bit more swearing (and we're talking big swears), and instead of just a kiss... David and Michelle have full on sex up against a wall in an alleyway...which leads to the brilliant line: "And the next time you fuck my daughter, don't do it on camera."

The script is a bit darker, and actually better because of it. I was actually disappointed that NBC didn't throw caution to the wind and keep the swears and the sex, and all the other dirty bits.

In short, easily it was the best pilot I have ever read. And easily, it was one of the best pilots (as in tied with Lost for best), I have ever watched.

I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy. I have it if you want.

Wool in Sunshine said...

I haven't watched the pilot yet - so far behind on tv! - but I read the script and enjoyed it. I didn't love it, but I think that's because I have such high hopes for any kind of alternate world/semi scifi show, and this didn't quite live up to it's potential. Then again, it's a pilot, and the writer likely had to make a lot of concessions to NBC in order to get it on the air. I hope as the show continues they explore some of the truly interesting parts of their world. (Actually, I just hope the show gets a chance to continue....)

Josh said...

That raises the count to at least four people I can think of -- one of my bosses included -- who had the "kind of love it" reaction. (Count me in as well.)

I'm not sure how the word-of-mouth thing works for TV shows, but I sure hope people make their friends (with Nielsen boxes, of course) tune in to this.

And/or it miraculously ends up on Showtime or HBO, where it would fit in very nicely -- especially that darker version Nicholas mentions...

Jim Cartwright said...

A well written, interesting show in primetime on one of the big networks? Don't get to attached.

Not that I didn't like the premire, but the show is going to get stomped on everyweek by amazing race and extreme makeover.

Personally I don't think this is the kind of show that could survive on NBC.

I thought the show would push the envelope more. It would have rocked if it retained the darker and dirtier edge people say the script seemd to have.

Monsterbeard said...

I was a bit disappointed. I was relatively excited about the premise but I feel like it's trying too hard to straddle different fences. Retelling the story of David except totally different, a deep and complex alternate world that feels relatively flat, and I didn't really care at all about David between him fixing the car and his brother dying.

Maybe a naive but somewhat brave character lacks the conflicts to be interesting on screen.

I guess the reason I'm not more impressed by Kings is that I wanted to be more impressed by Kings. If that makes sense.

Elize Morgan said...

It's got a lot of interesting speculative areas to it. I think that it's got a lot going for it... but the franchise itself?

Not sure.

I'm holding off for another episode or so, but it's got *something* that I do like about it.

Mark Osborne said...

I was looking forward to it after I heard the buzz at Comic Con last year, but I thought the Pilot was dreadful. NBC didn't do it any favors by playing the first 2 hours of it either. It felt like it went on and on forever and I just had no interest in any of the characters.

By the way, I don't see at all how it's original. The premise *sounds* original, but it's just a typical "Daddy doesn't like me" story for the son and a "Fish out of water" story for David. All I could think of with Ian McShane's son was Jeremy from "Dirty, Sexy Money" - except one was tongue-in-cheek and in "Kings" we were supposed to take it seriously. So, yeah, I was really disappointed. Maybe if I'd had tempered expectations, it would've been better. It's hard when you are constantly comparing Ian McShane's performance to "Deadwood."

And for the record, "Kings" was ostensibly canceled before it even premiered. It was set to take over for "ER" on Thursday, April 9, but it tested so poorly and "Southland" got some good buzz, so they switched it out to Sunday. And "Kings" isn't even doing 5 million, so it goes from a 20% chance of being renewed to now about a 5% chance. And that's probably optimistic. They'll just burn it off quickly.

Anonymous said...