Friday, March 20, 2009

This is your life

My friend and I tried to cross Rodeo today on our way to lunch and we ran into a film crew, tourists and policemen. General melee. Then I heard a raspy woman yelling "ARE YOU GAY?" and I realized it was Joan Rivers, just the pint-sized plastic hellion in a black dress you'd expect her to be. I stepped into the street in an attempt to pass by, and was chastised by a policeman who then turned to the crew and said, "You have to let people walk down the sidewalk! We can't have people walking in the street."

Let's all calm down, people. It's just CELEBRITY APPRENTICE. Move so I can get my panini.

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Monsterbeard said...

I thought they were strictly New York based.

That's terrifying. Bumping into Joan Rivers would convince me the zombie apocalypse was at hand, and I'd try to separate her head from her body before she bit my flesh

Amanda said...

maybe it wasn't APPRENTICE? I don't know - it was definitely Joan.

Kristan said...


junglenugget said...

Yeah I think Celebrity Apprentice is in L.A.