Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am constantly impressed by John August's blog. He's a top screenwriter, yet he hasn't lost touch with his readers, who are mostly underlings and aspirers. He gives such straightforward, practical advice. Check out his latest, about relationships in Hollywood.

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Kristan said...

[nods] He's awesome. Even for non-screen writers like myself.

Monsterbeard said...

I feel bad for that guy because he just sounded so angry and jaded.

I mean, I'm jaded, but I cover it up with self-deprecation. I'm also overeager (?) when it comes to making friends.

Dan Williams said...

There are FRIENDS and there are ACQUAINTANCES and there are BUSINESS ACQUAINTANCES, I think.

FRIENDS help you personally get through the times of emotional hurt and confusion. They are interested in seeing you succeed and be happy.

ACQUAINTANCES are persons you can share a joke with at conferences and business meetings and lunches. They have the same sense of humor and might share some interesting information, but they don't want to discuss your personal life in any detail.

BUSINESS ACQUAINTANCES are people like co-workers. You only know them through work and would not ordinarily see them any place else. They are 'go-to' people. Like your mechanic, dentist, boss, co-worker: they specialize in helping you in a certain way, but that's it.

In a company town like L.A., everybody is just a Business Acquaintance. Which is okay, as long as you realize it. Business is the path they are following. Acquaintances are nice to have but cannot be depended on for anything. And Friends don't come along much at all, if ever. You might work in L.A. for twenty years and not make a single real friend. This is why family is so important.

(On the other hand, you might get lucky and have three great friends like Carrie Bradshaw did!)

Angela said...

I also love John August's blog, he's great with good advice and spends so much of his time helping aspiring writers! Defintely awesome! :)

Anonymous said...