Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Party Down

Veronica Mars fans rejoice!

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Dan Williams said...

Thanks, I enjoyed it.

For your writer's tookkit, here are the story beats from the Blair-plot of GG #2-16 (good to have handy in the room for the show that hires you):

Gossip Girl #2-16: “You’ve Got Yale”

The Blair Plot Line
Title: Pursuing Revenge ends in Detention

Story Beats in each Act:

1. Dan and Serena get early admission to Yale, but Blair is put on the wait list, and so Serena pretends that she is too.

2. Blair has to keep up her GPA, but she gets a “B” from the new teacher, Miss Carr. But Miss Carr refuses to inflate Blair’s grade to an “A”.

3. Blair wants revenge, but then she gets into Yale when Serena declines. Still, Blair now wants revenge on Miss Carr for the “B” grade, and so she invites Miss Carr to the opera, and to wait for a pick up at the Boat House in the Park.

4. At the opera Blair learns from the headmistress that Miss Carr phoned her and Blair will get a final grade “A” for the course, and so Blair hurries out to find Miss Carr.

5. Blair apologizes sincerely to Miss Carr, and explains she is still learning and acting out, but Miss Carr won’t go with Blair back to the opera, but Miss Carr does phone the headmistress to tell her how Blair set her up not to go to the opera and to wait at the closed Boat House for a ride that would never show up.

6. Blair has to see the headmistress and thinks it’s a social honor, but the headmistress places her on detention and her admission to Yale is put on hold unless she completes the detention to the satisfaction of the headmistress. But later, Blair vows even more revenge on Miss Carr.