Thursday, May 8, 2008


Sorry for the delay in posting. I wish I had a good excuse like writing my pilot or taking meetings with agents or burning 3000 calories at the gym. But alas, I have been accomplishing very little.

Except maybe watching TV. I mentioned before how much I love Greek. This past episode was one of my favorites of the season. The plot centered around Freshmen Parents Weekend, and it brought out some really nice themes of transitioning from the life your parents want for you to the life you want for yourself. It was also a plot that affected the relationships between Cappie and Rebecca, and also Rusty and Casey. I think that's one of challenges about writing that I'm still dealing with: creating plots that really demonstrate character relationships. Sometimes I find myself saying, okay, this is the plot, and that is what's going on with the characters/relationships. But they shouldn't be separate things.

Another thing that I love about Greek is that it's funny, yet sincere. Exactly the kind of show I want to write.

As for Gossip Girl. I dunno, man. Fake relationships. Two characters coming out. Sex tapes. Stupid creepy Georgina. Death (which, by the way, I saw coming with the phrase "innocent bystander" in the previous ep). A bit much for one episode, no? I still like the show, but you need to take a much bigger leap to buy what goes on in it than you did with The OC. On The OC, kids played video games, ate bagels with their parents, studied for tests, worried about saying the L word. I feel like Gossip Girl started out simpler (I even wrote a post about it), but has since gotten much more OMFG-worthy. I'm afraid that if it keeps outdoing itself every episode, it's going to be in shark-infested waters very soon.

Meanwhile, I'm sorta stuck with my pilot. I just feel like I have so much work to do and no idea where to start. I had an entire draft, then a revised one, then went back to outline stages, got some Big Notes and now am trying to redefine the A plot and decide what exactly will establish the characters and tone and concept I'm going for.

No big.


sandofsky said...

You're at the long, painful part of the journey. It weeds out the wanna-be's, and it's the reason the few who make it through get rewarded so well.

Recommended reading: "The Dip" by Seth Godin.

Emily Blake said...

They used to film scenes from Greek at an awesome house on my street that I want to buy one day. I always meant to watch the show so I could point at the screen and yell THAT'S THAT HOUSE!!!!

But they sold it a few months ago so the house won't be on TV anymore.

amie said...

Hey Amanda

You mention your writing group a lot and I'm interested in how you found yours. I started one with some people at a UCLA class that I took and it was great but it's sort of falling apart. Any ideas on how to find a new (and more consistent group). When we do meet, the notes are great and I love having the deadlines. I'd just like to find more like-minded people...ya know?