Thursday, April 24, 2008


Check out this video of Diablo Cody talking about screenwriting at our WriteGirl workshop last month.

Also, someecards has a batch of pretty hilarious cards for Administrative Professionals Day (yesterday). We got free breakfast! And some assistants even got gifts from their bosses (one got a $100 bill inside a handshake). I don't think my boss remembered, even though HR sent out an email the day before about the "holiday." I did, however, get a high five when I showed my boss how to copy a URL someone emailed him and paste it into his web browser. I'm telling you, I'm a computer GENIUS. Indispensible. Can you imagine getting through life without copy and paste? Yeesh.

One agent forwarded the HR email to his assistant with the simple instruction:

put in my calendar to acknowledge and thank you tomorrow.

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