Sunday, April 27, 2008

How to find an internship (or job)

Thanks to The Chicago Tribune's TV blog, The Watcher, for linking me - cool stuff! I feel like the next best thing to being a TV writer would be getting paid to write about TV. Hmm...

Matt asked for more details about how to get an internship. My school's LA program maintained an internship database with a lot of contacts, which was helpful - but you can find the info on your own. Get an IMDBPro membership (there is 14-day free trial, and I think a month is only $8). Pick up a copy of the Hollywood Creative Directory. Or look at the weekly production listings in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. Just call the companies that interest you and ask if you can submit a resume. Also, don't discount agencies - the interns at my company perform mailroom duties and sometimes become floating assistants - which gives them a lot of valuable experience to build on when finding their first assistant job. The UTA list also has a ton of internships on it. It isn't posted on the internet, but it's pretty ubiquitious via email so I'm sure you can find someone to forward it to you.

I recommend those avenues the most - but you can also check the job websites of major studios, networks, etc. It took me a long time to compile all of these so I hope the universe recognizes all the work I'm saving you and throws me some nice karma. Note: these are for jobs as well as internships. I don't know if you'll have much luck or response, but I did get one of my internships by applying online. So it can work.

ABC jobs
CBS jobs
Defamer job board
Focus Features/Rogue Pictures internships
Viacom jobs
Paramount jobs
Sony Pictures jobs
Disney jobs
Time Warner jobs
The Weinstein Company jobs
Star Staffing Services

I'm sure there are more - start searching!


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You're a saint. :P

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I am one of the many that have found you through the Chicago Tribune Article. Thank you Digg.