Sunday, April 6, 2008

Big Notes

Since I'm more or less done with the first draft of my Weeds spec and have some time before hearing feedback from my writers group, I've dusted off my pilot and started to address the notes I received a few months ago. I love the little notes, about typos or confusing lines or joke suggestions. You can breeze through them and make changes in minutes.

But then there are the dreaded Big Notes. Like:

You need more plot.
You need more conflict.
You have five guys all around the same age and I'm getting them confused.
Three of your act breaks aren't big enough.
Why does your protagonist like such an asshole?
I think you should start at this event and throw out the 16 pages preceding it.
Tie your B-plot into your A-plot.
Show what these things MEAN to your characters.
Make it funnier.

Damn it! That's going to take forever! I know they're right, but I also know it means I have a lot of work to do. My writers group and I joke that we would like the next version of Final Draft to have an option under the Tools menu called Make It Funnier. You'd be able to type in the percentage funnier you would like your script to be. Helpful, no? My pilot needs about 25%, I think. Now that I think about it, an option for 35% more conflict might also be convenient...

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l_fabry said...

Chin up, girl!

You can do it. Especially with a nice beginning frame to balance it all out.

Jane's post on the "echidna" method (her term, wish I could take cred) is super helpful and moreso for brand-spanking new pilot.

Just make sure you're the one doing the spanking.