Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Finally in the assistant world

I was hesistant to write about this based on my last experience getting a desk, but I GOT A DESK! Today was my third official day on my own without my predacessor, so I think it's fairly official now. I'm working for a senior MP Lit agent. I did want TV originally, but this guy is really easygoing and we get along well (and I strongly believe this is the key to doing your year at the agency without killing yourself). Plus, he worked as a TV agent for 30 years so I'm sure he has plenty of contacts there. So far so good...I will give you plenty of vague, sketchy versions of all the juicy things I hear while listening to phone calls, like one development exec saying "WE ARE ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR FAMILY COMEDIES."

Otherwise...I saw the Other Boleyn Girl and loved it. Great complex character work, that Peter Morgan. I also saw 21 which wasn't great or terrible...really kind of forgettable. It's such a small movie, I'm not really sure why it stuck out to anyone as a movie to make. I suppose Kevin Spacey really liked the idea of being both a mentor and an antagonist, which was probably the movie's best asset.


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Awesomeness :)

Ricky G said...

This sounds like a good career move. Working for someone with that much experience could develop many opportunities.

Your comment about family comedies sent a shiver down my back. I suspect that the Giordano's could be featured in one of the scripts. :)

Best Always, Mr. Giordano