Saturday, March 8, 2008

Clear Eyes Full Hearts STILL Can't Lose

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS WILL GET A THIRD SEASON! NBC and DirectTV made a deal or something weird...I don't know, but it's coming back - and that makes me very happy. It was just starting to get good again when season two ended.

Things on the desk are pretty good. It was kind of a long week, and there are some weird things going on with HR, people getting fired, emails titled Punctuality is the Key to Success. Weird stuff. Heard the phrase "family comedy" a few dozen more times. And then there was the moment when my 65 year-old boss walked in and said, "It's another shitty day in paradise. It's hard out there for a pimp." What exactly does one say to that?

I've also been getting into In Treatment when it's replayed on the weekends on HBO. It's hard to keep up with the daily schedule (there are different therapy patients each night of the week), but the episodes are simple so you can kinda jump in whenever and enjoy them. It can be visually static sometimes since each ep is basically a half-hour of people sitting on couches, but the writing and acting are so compelling that I don't really care. It feels a bit like watching a really good play. I think what works so well is that while many shows/films take a while to get to the heart of what is really bothering/motivating the characters, In Treatment gets to the point immediately, in therapy sessions.


DrJeff said...

That is still the worst rally cheer I've ever heard. All caught up now, and while I'm able to poke holes in some shady plot lines (like, there hasn't been an issue of racism for a season and a half, all of a sudden Dillon's got a race problem?) I have to say...I'm horribly horribly addicted to this show. I've even adopted the mentality WWRD (What Would Riggins Do?) when confronted with a challenge.

I might need an intervention.

How's the writing going? Still doing a page a day?

Amanda said...

What Would Riggins Do indeed.

Writing is going fairly well. Just about have my first draft of Weeds done. I haven't been great about writing every day, but I'm starting to do some writing during lunch, which is good.