Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sometimes even the desert floods.

First, the strike. Then days of nonstop rain. (Hydroplaning? In LA? Weird.) And today I spent hours watching political coverage on CNN.

Surely the apocalypse is near.

In the meantime, there's a new show on the horizon to criticize.

Tonight ABC did a special preview (I don't really get this, since they showed the entire pilot) of Cashmere Mafia - basically a new Sex & the City. It's the story of four sexy, successful New York women and their attempts to balance relationships, careers, motherhood, etc. The pilot was written and directed by two men, which I find a bit odd, but maybe it's a good thing, the idea that stories about women aren't just by and for women anymore. It's really slick and fast-paced, and I liked the chemistry between the women. But it seems to be another show that tries to be a funny drama and ends up being neither that funny nor dramatic. Also, some of the actors are clearly faking American accents and it kinda gets to me. CM has some potential to discuss the divides between men and women in the workplace and relationships, if it doesn't spend too much time showing ECUs of shiny stilettos.

NBC's Lipstick Jungle sounds like the same show - we'll have to see how it compares.

Annd - did anyone catch the new Friday Night Lights? (SPOILER ALERT.) I'm conflicted. Starting the episode off with a tornado could have resulted in a really melodramatic show, and I'm kind of impressed that they took it in a totally different direction and moved past the storm so quickly that the ep became more about its unique effect, in this case, another team sharing the Panthers' locker room and field. However, team rivalry has been explored on FNL before, and I didn't think this ep did it much differently. Coach Taylor is the bigger man, the Panthers are the more respectful team but will retailiate when provoked, blah blah blah. We know. Additionally, Tami and her sister seem to have the same argument every time they're together, and it's getting old. The one highlight was Tyra and Landry: As frustrating as it is that life isn't perfect for them now, I like the theme that's explored: it's easy to pin all your problems on one thing, imagining that life would be perfect if it were fixed (for them, the murder) - but it never really works out that way. I also liked Julie's drunkenness and Riggins' sudden protective instinct (and grrr on Coach Taylor totally misinterpreting).

Altogether, though, the episode felt kind of tired, and I wonder if there weren't many opportunities missed by making the tornado miss Dillon. Sometimes a big event episode can be great, and push the characters to their limits - like last season's Desperate Housewives with the shooting at the grocery store.


Jeff said...

Did you write over the weekend?

Josh said...

Eventually I'll get around to watching that season 1 DVD set...

Amanda said...

to Jeff -
I did write, though not nearly as much as I probably should have.

In addition to writing every day, I'm trying to focus on writing scenes, since I tend to think in scenes. It's been working in the fact that I'm making myself write, but I don't have a huge pagecount. Unfortunately my journalism background forces me to keep things severely brief and efficient, so my scenes are often a page or less.